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Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Training 
Who is the course suitable for?
Supervisors, managers and working owners.
Aim of the course:
To further develop knowledge of the HACCP principles.  
Who should do the courses?
It is a legal requirement for those responsible for the development and maintenance of HACCP in a food business to be trained in HACCP principles

What you will learn:
This course will explain how to:

Carry out an analysis of potential hazards in a food business to identify the hazards and specify appropriate control measures.
Identify the Critical Control Points (CCPs) in the business
Set CCP’s
Set up procedures to monitor CCPs
Establish corrective actions to be taken when monitoring indicates that control has been lost at a CCP
Establish review procedures to check that the HACCP system is being followed and that it is working
Set up a record-keeping / documentation system
The Course includes: 
What is Food Safety Management?
What is HACCP?
Benefits & Limitations of HACCP
Legal Requirements for HACCP
Training Requirements
How to Conduct a HACCP Study
Assemble the HACCP Team
Describe the Products of Processes 
Identify the Intended End User
Construct a Process Flow Diagram
Onsite confirmation of the Process Flow Diagram 
Conduct a Hazard Analysis
Determine the Critical Control Points (CCPs)
Establish Critical Limits for each CCP
Establish Monitoring Procedures
Establish Corrective Action
Establish Verification Procedures Establish Documentation & Record Keeping Everybody’s Role in HACCP 
Sounds very complicated but we simplify and break it down into bite-sized chunks for you, and it will really impress your EHO when she comes to call.  It will also help towards your Scores on the Doors.
Delivery method:
Up to 2 - 3 hours.

Learning outcome:
By the end of the course students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of HACCP terms, food safety management, the benefits & limitations of HACCP, legal requirements for HACCP, training requirements, how to conduct a HACCP study, sssembling the HACCP Team, constructing a process flow diagram, how to conduct a hazard analysis, determining the Critical Control Points, how establish critical limits, establishing monitoring procedures, corrective action and record keeping.
Assessment criteria:
The 20 minute online exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions covering the topics taught in the course. The pass mark is 15 correct answers (75%).

Stylish A4 colour certificate.
Certificate delivery:
5 -7 working days
£50.00 + VAT




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